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About Minimum Value Per Order, Random Products, Place Ads on google with product info

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Hi Shopify,


I have a few questions about my shop and shopify system.


1. (How) can I set the minimum value per order?

2. (How) can I show random products on my home page?

3. (How) can I place google adwords in the best way by the name, description, tags and collection of the products?


For example, I have a ABC Brand Suit Shoes For Gentleman in Black. Can I place google adwords automatically by targeting all these keywords?

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Hi @egzbookstore ,


Here are my comments.


1. You can custom code at cart-footer.liquid


Where you will check the cart's subtotal value for your threshold amount and remove checkout button if amount is less than the desired value.


2. Shopify don't provide random function but you can use below method to get the random function


{% assign min = 1 %}
{% assign max = 100 %}
{% assign diff = max | minus: min %}
{% assign randomNumber = "now" | date: "%N" | modulo: diff | plus: min %}


Now use all_product to achieve the random product on home page.


You have to create custom section for this.


3. It will not be automatic but we can customize the theme to put adword code based on tag or metafield their in product or catalog.



Hope this will help...


Let me know if you are willing to hire to impliment all functionality.


Details are in BIO.

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