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hi all,


I have a client that needs to able to accept a purchase order # as payment for only specified customers. So effectively be able to tag a customer with it enabled and when that customer checks out there is a field for them to type in the purchase order #. For any customer not tagged it does not appear as an option. Any thoughts on how this can be done either through shopify or with an add-on app?



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I'm trying to do the same thing. Did you ever find a good solution?

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Have you tried looking at wholesale gorilla as a solution?

Happy to help, built so many stores I cant remember. Particular help with themes and setting up for overseas sales.

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Shopify Plus offers Shopify Scripts which make it super easy to add a custom payment method for tagged users.

What we haven't figured out how to do yet is offer an input box for PO Number.


Also the script doesn't appear to be working on Invoices sent from Draft Orders.


Anyone know of any fixes? 


There was also one issue with the Shopify supplied script above, the default code was applying applying it to every customer regardless of tag. We had to change this in the script for it to work correctly:

We changed line 91 to:
gateway_name_selector.match?(payment_gateway) != customer_match && != ''