Accidentally deleted a liquid template

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Hello I accidentally deleted a liquid and whenever I click on my products , this appears : Liquid error: Error in tag 'section' - 'product-template' is not a valid section type. Please help me recover the template 




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Hey Amina, 

If you know exactly which liquid file you deleted, It can be restored from a back-up. Alternatively, Redownload the theme, and use the liquid file you deleted from the new version. 

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Thank you I did it and everything is back . I appreciate your help.

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Hi am stuck with the same liquid template. How do you download the new theme please
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Hello ,
Can you please tell me how i can do that in steps?
I know which liquid file i deleted the product liquid file was the name
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The link below will give you the basic idea:

If you've bought that theme, you'll be able to add a new copy of it to your store at no cost.

A rough workflow:


  1. When installing do not add it as a published version. Make sure it's unpublished.
  2. Find the missing file in the NEW unpublished theme. 
  3. Copy the contents.
  4. Make a blank version of the file that's missing in your published theme
  5. Paste the contents into blank file in your published theme. 
  6. Save

Now you should be good to go.

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Thanks for the steps but when I try to make a blank file of the liquid i deleted, it says it is invalid. 


I deleted the custom-content liquid and when i try make a blank one it says "new section incompatible with current schema value" or something.


can you please help?

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me too that's my problem me please

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Hi there! I had the same accident, did you find out how to fix it? I would appreciate it. thank you!