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on my website, my product descriptions are currently under 1 accordion "Description".

Inside this description, I have different sections such as "The Story" , "Details", "Sizing recommendations".


I would like to make an accordion for each of the section. However my problem is that I cannot go manually under each product and copy-paste the content of each section into its respective metafield.


Is there any way I could be more efficient for that and achieve what I'm looking for ? Meaning copying the content of each section under its metafielcd ?

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Hello @elgobbo 


If you don't want to copy paste description in each products metafield then you add a special split statement in your product description and alter the code to split the description for each section. This will only require to add the split statement in each product description.


If you are not familiar with liquid code you can seek developers help at a reasonable rate to help. Let me know if you are looking for one.



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