Account Deactivated can’t access site

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I’m just at a loss. I’ve been trying to access my site for almost 6 months now and it just isn’t going anywhere. I’ve been contacting Shopify support this entire time and it hasn’t helped. 

I paid for someone I know to help make the site and after he was done the account was deactivated by Shopify, now both he and myself are unable to access it. 

Don’t really know what to do because they’re asking for latest Shopify payment receipts which I wouldn’t have because I didn’t pay for subscription originally he did. 

I provided proof that I owned the domain, all of the emails associated with the account, the original Shopify domain, LLC, social media accounts, delivery stubs, yet they still haven’t been able to help me.


It’s just frustrating because all I’m being told is reach back out through the Ticket number and it takes 2/3 days to respond and every time they do respond it’s the same thing that I hear. “Provide the latest Shopify charge on your account” IM NOT GOING TO HAVE IT ON MY ACCOUNT. I already sent Shopify the latest charge on my account from them and they said that wasn’t the latest charge on the account. 

I just need someone to actually help. 

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