Action Required - Shopify banned our site and now not responding

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10 Days ago I received this email.


Thank you for reaching out to us. Please be informed that In order to reconsider your account for eligibility to use Shopify we require some additional information with regards to your business model. You can send the following documents as attachments in response to this email:
* Proof of address - Utility bill (e.g. water, electricity, or gas bill from the past 3 months), lease agreement (dated) or property insurance (dated)
* Proof of business association (i.e. business license, business registration documents (with company number) or business tax filing record). 
* Proof of inventory (i.e. dated supplier invoices, dated manufacturing agreements) 
* Social media links related to your business (if none, please explain how are you driving traffic to your store)

Please make an effort to provide all of the above. However if one is unavailable, please either provide a relevant substitute and/or an explanation as to why it cannot be provided.
Please provide the above at your earliest convenience so that we can assist you further, in addition to any relevant context on your business model.

If you have any questions regarding this matter please respond to this email.

Thank you, 
Shopify Merchant Trust Team
We've submitted all the documents on 9th March. And its been 9 more days, and we haven't heard from them a single time. They aren't responding to the followup emails since then. We have contacted their support team 5 times and all they say is to wait.
We are public limited company listed on the national stock exchange of India, and have a legit business since the last 50 years. We have submitted all the documents they requested. 

Can someone from the shopify team help us resolve this as quickly as possible, as we are losing a lot of money due to this unnecessary things done by the ineffecient shopify leagal team.
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Shopify Expert
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Hello @urbanunited , 


I understand your frustration with the lack of response from Shopify despite submitting all the required documents promptly. As a fellow member of the community, I empathize with your situation.


I recommend reaching out to the Shopify support team once more, expressing the urgency of your situation. Sometimes, a direct phone call or live chat can yield faster results than email.


Additionally, consider posting your issue on the Shopify Community forums. Often, Shopify staff and experienced users monitor these forums and may be able to provide insights or escalate your case internally.


I hope this helps, and I wish you a speedy resolution to your concern.





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I'm in the exact same situation, for me it's been 12 days now and no answer from them.


I also tried duplicating the store but all my information is blocked. I don't know what more to do, can you please update me if they answer you?


Thank you