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Activating Physical Gift Cards

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I have digital gift cards for sale on my online store.  I also purchased physical gift cards via shopify hardware store to sell in person at our brick and mortar store.   I keep reading posts that say I need to active both physical and digital but I'm not seeing that on my end.  I tried this...

  1. Go to Shopify panel -> Settings -> "Gift Cards"
  2. Scroll down to the "Physical gift cards" section and click "Enable".

The issue is that I don't see anything that references physical gift cards.  From the POS setting it says I don't have any active gift cards, even though I have active digital card products on my website.


I simply don't see anywhere to enable physical gift cards in the Admin or POS!




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I am having the exact problem. We are very new to this, ordered the gift cards but cannot find where it says to enable physical gift cards. I feel like I'm going crazy. 

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Same issue.

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For all those wondering, the option is in the Shopify POS app, not on the Shopify admin.