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Active carts with no active visitors?

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As a newer Shopify store owner, I am still learning. I have a question, and I have not been able to find the answer in others posts. I currently have no active visitors, but it is showing that I have 101 active carts. Does anyone know why this happens?




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This is happening to me too. I have had my store for a few years and these last few weeks I have noticed it doing this every day. 

Don't know why!

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I too am experiencing active carts with little to no visitors. I have had my store for a little over a year and experienced the active carts without any visitors all the time. This has become more frequent over the past week or two.

At the moment I have 43 Active carts and only one visitor.

Why does this happen?

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The same thing is happening to me! It's Black Friday, but still--I don't think I truly have 50+ active carts.