ADA Web Accessibility Lawsuits...Contact Your Local Assemblyman/woman !

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I've been extremely active on these discussion boards re. web accessibilty ADA lawsuits ever since I was sued last year.


I want to urge everyone to Contact their local assemblyman (or assembly woman) and request them to look into this!


My local assemblyman is James Gallagher. I reached out their office via email about a week ago regarding this entire thing, and they replied to me today. This is what they said.

PLEASE NOTE: I am in California and was sued re. the Unruh Act.

"I spoke with our legislative team about this issue and we will explore if a bill can address this case. There was a bill in 2012 that addressed this issue in relation to property and we will look into doing a similar version for online ADA suits. Below is a link to the article about that bill. Our legislative package should be finalized in February."


This is the ONLY way that these laws are going to be changed, and the frivolous lawsuits will stop! It only takes 5 minutes to write an email. If CA legislators receive enough complaints, they WILL take action! Remember, WE elect them, and they Work for US!


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