Add a comparison table showing comparison between gold,silver and platinum category of each product.

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Hi All

I am preparing a furniture website There if you open any category under Furniture like Beds and open any specific bed, you will see price after selecting the category - Gold, Silver, Platinum and Size . I want to add an information mark on top of Category clicking on it will open a pop up box showing difference in quality between these 3 categories so that client can know what is the difference in the quality of these categories and hence the price difference. Please suggest how to do. 

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You can do this one of two ways, either with an app, there are a few really goods (I believe there are free ones) in the Shopify App Store, or you could modify/add code to your theme to incorporate the popup modal functionality.

If you're okay with coding, then I'd suggest doing it yourself. Apps should only be used when absolutely necessary.

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