Add a "Quick add" feature to three of my products.

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Hi ya'll! 


I have a little problem I hope one of you can help me fix. 


Under my new page “Lab” ( I have three products named Repair, Intensive and Hydra. 
Is it possible to add a "Quick Add" function to them? I can’t find anywhere a function that allows me to do so easily, so perhaps it requires some coding? 
The "Quick Add" function needs to just add the product to the cart and not direct the costumer away from the page, as it disrupts the flow we are trying to build in the Lab if the costumer is taken away from the Lab steps. 


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I'm trying to replicate the same functionality as seen on this sites:



Current theme: Pipeline version 6.1.3


Hope someone can help me 🙂 


Best regards, Sarah 


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hi Sarah,


this will need code updated for homepage products you can contact me for this functionality . 


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Contact me

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Thank you so much, my student assistant (Lukas) has just sent you an email.  


Regards, Sarah