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Trying to be like etsy...I have a lot of designs or custom designs for an item, would like customer to be able to type in a design name on the item or in the checkout.  Doesnt seem possible in Starter..if not, will just have to do etsy instead as I cant justify the next step up yet.

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The starter plans spotlight theme cannot be customized for per-product line item properties*

But that may not be a deal killer if you haven't started you'd want to contact support and confirm you can enable a cart not for the spotlight theme.

To contact support through most chatbots ask for "support advisor" or "human 


You'd want to be able to:

A) hide the checkout button except on the cart page

B) change the wording (translations) of different things such as the cart note title, and or placeholder text, so you can expose better messaging to encourage customers to fill in custom info in the cart note before going to checkout.

optionals because i"m not 100% sure starter-plan allows apps,

C)  optional  for those cases that customers DO NOT fills in the cart note that you can use shopifys flow app to build automations , like sending you an email to contact the customer for follow up information.

D) optional also maybe see about using shopifys free forms app as another way to collect this information after purchase.



Demo store:
Spotlight theme

The Spotlight theme is ready to use with the Starter plan. You can use the theme editor to add a logo, a brand introduction, and social media links. You can also customize the colors of your theme.

Other themes and customization options aren't available on the Starter plan.


Even for the other plans keep in mind not all themes have built in way to ask for per-product item information and only have a cart note.

*Per product information via line item properties is an advanced theme customization or requires an app. 


Good Luck.

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Hi @coneslager,

You can use the free Easify Product Options app to incorporate a personalized text field (using the Text Box option type), allowing customers to input their names for custom products 🤗.


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