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Hello, How would I set up pop up add-ons such that if a person were to buy a cake and then a pop-up would come up with all the products they could add to that particular cake, like candles, bows, cake toppers, etc with pictures of each option.  Not just a drop down list of options/varients on the side?  They would be adding actual products that we suggest.  Thanks!

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Hi! It sounds like you are in the market for a 3rd party Shopify app since Shopify doesn't really do these things natively. When you search for this feature, the keywords you're looking for are Upsell, Cross-sell, Bundle, Recommendation, and Personalization. Some of the more popular apps are Rebuy, LimeSpot, and PickyStory. Remember to check out post-purchase offer apps like CartHook or Aftersell, too!

Shopify apps can be affordable and raise your conversions by 10-20%, depending on how you use them. I've heard some shop owners run into trouble when configuring the apps. If you're uncomfortable with technical configurations, consider spending a little on having a consultant (like Nextipedia) manage the setup.

Good luck in your search! 


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Hey @molemansd ! I suggest using "Bevy Design" to achieve the pop-up add-ons as described. This versatile pop-up builder tool allows you to trigger the pop-up based on specific cart values, product pages, or when items are added to the cart. With this app, you can showcase products of your choice for upsell, accompanying images, or animation, providing a visually engaging experience for your customers. Moreover, the app has many exciting tools you will find helpful for your store. We already have pre-made templates that you can choose from to create your pop-up in just a few minutes.


Bevy Design comes with various plans, including a free monthly plan.

Feel free to explore Bevy Design, and if you need any assistance setting up your campaign, don't hesitate to reach out.


Link of the app - Shopify App Store

For additional information, visit our website: Bevy DesignUpsell campaigns.JPG

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