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Add "All Collections" Slider Buttons - Sense Theme

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Sense version 11.0.0


I am wanting to add some sort of arrow slider button to my homepage on either side of my collections list title. I have attached a screenshot below from another website of the arrow buttons I am wanting to add.

Screen Shot 2023-10-01 at 11.59.45 PM.png

Currently, the collections list only allows 5 columns to be shown horizontally across the page and gives the option of enabling a "View all" button if the collection list includes more collections than shown. Instead of enabling this "View all" button, I'm wanting to display all of my collections horizontally across the screen with the two arrow slider buttons on either side of the collections list title to scroll through the collections.


TYIA for any help you can provide! I greatly appreciate it!

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Hello @fullytaylored, do you mean you want to replace "view all" with the collection slider? So, customers can easily scroll through all the products. This can be achieved via custom coding. I recommend hiring a developer if you don't know much about coding stuff like HTML, CSS, or Javascript. It may take a few hours of work but can be achieved.



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