Add Tags from a CSV Without Overwriting Customers

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Hello, we have a CSV file that includes a section of our email list and I am trying to import that CSV so we can add tags to all of those existing customers on Shopify. However, when attempting to import this CSV file, it won't allow us to add tags since the customers already exist in Shopify. The only other option is to completely overwrite these existing customers with the data from the CSV, but we can't do that because these are active customers that have data in our system.

To summarize, we just want to find a way to add tags to all of these customers using our CSV file, since manually tagging these customers would take several hours since the list has 300+ customers.



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Hello @SabastianB and @bet 


Thank you for suggesting the use of the Matrixify app for this task.

With Matrixify you sure can bulk import and export Customers including updating their Tags. The import would only update fields you have in the file, so in theory, you could import a CSV or XLSX file with just 3 columns "Email", "Tags" and "Tags Command" and app would find Customers by their Email and only update their Tags.
You can see our tutorial on How to Add, Update or Delete Shopify Product Tags in Bulk. The tutorial is for Products, but the same process would work for Customers, just instead of Handle you would have Email.


If you have any questions or concerns along the way, feel free to reach out to our Support directly.

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