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Add the customers selected delivery date/time in the email confirmations

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We use the 3rd party apps - "Zapiet pickup + delivery" and "Zapiet rates by distance" for customers to choose a date and time for local delivery or store pickup (no shipping).  

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Our customers don't see what day or time they chose in their email confirmation so we need to code it in. 

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 Can anyone help with a code that will display the date/time selection in the "delivery method" section of the email?

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Hi there 🙂

Stephane here from Zapiet!

We actually offer free, ready to use (copy and paste friendly) templates, such as the Order Confirmation email that will accomplish just that.

I'll go ahead and link you our help article that will guide on you on how to use it.

And should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to

Stephane Fattizzo
Merchant Support
Zapiet Ltd / +44 20 4526 8806
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