Re: Adding 1-month free trial subscription when someone purchases a product?

Adding 1-month free trial subscription when someone purchases a product?

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I have a main product I sell. As a bonus for purchasing this product, I want to give customers a 1-month free trial to my online membership subscription.


I use a third-party app (seal subscriptions) for this membership.


However, I'm struggling to add the membership on my product page so that customers automatically receive the 1-month free trial when they purchase.


Is this possible?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi Jeremymac,


I believe using you could set this up by using a bundle. You would have your main product bundled with the free month subscription. Shopify has a bundle app that's free for you to try this.


From there in Seal Subscriptions you can give customers the first order for free by creating a subscription rule where you set the initial discount to 100% and then set the rule to change the discount after the initial order to 0%. Addittionally You could use the Automated Interval Change to change the subscription interval if needed.


Hope this helps!




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SymmetryMike explained nicely how to set up a free trial in the Seal Subscriptions app.


I think that the question which is still open is the one on how to add the membership product to the cart automatically when the customer adds the subscription product to the cart.
You can easily achieve this with the Cartbot app which allows you to automatically add the membership product with the desired subscription option to the cart whenever the customer adds the main product to the cart 🙂

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