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Hello Shopify Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek assistance with setting up a promotional offer on my Shopify store. I would like to offer my customers a free $30 eBook as an incentive after their first purchase of any product from my store.

Here are the specific details of what I am looking to achieve:

Promotion Setup : When a customer adds a product to their cart, the eBook should automatically be added to their cart as well.


Discount Application : The eBook should show a 100% discount, making it free with the purchase of any product.


Visibility : The customer should be able to see the eBook in their cart along with the discount applied, ensuring they are aware of the promotional offer.

Also I am using the sense theme.

Please let me know if this is possible in any way wether with apps or by applying a code. Thank you very much in advance!




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Hey @LioGoldenberg


Thanks for reaching out. 


I appreciate the context that you have shared with us as that is very helpful! Looking into this, you could potentially set up a Buy X Get Y as an automatic discount. You can make the discount have a minimum purchase amount from any specific products or collections to automatically add the product of your choice to the customers cart. 


Let me know if you have any questions.

Ollie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @LioGoldenberg 😁


This is Ellie from Free gift. Welcome you to the community!


With the app, you can set it up exactly like how you want:


1) Promotion Setup 

With BOGOS, you can allow the eBook to be automatically added whenever customer adds a product to their cart. Please see my screenshot below:


auto add.jpg


2) Discount Application 

The eBook will be shown as (100% off) in customers' cart page.


free prodyct in car.jpg


3) Visibility: Customers will see the eBook in their cart, and they are able to checkout with it as long as they have bought other products on your store


free checkout.jpg


BOGOS is compatible with the Sense theme, and the app also provides: offer widget, offer icon, cart announcement text to help you promote the offer effectively to the customers. 💓


You can find the app here:


Our 24/5 Live chat support is available to help you with any question you need. Or you can reply to me, I will assist you promptly with the setup.


Wish you all the best with the business!

Ellie from


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If it is helpful, let me know by giving a Like or Accept solution.
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Have a nice day ^_^

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Hi @LioGoldenberg If you are still looking for a solution to this, you can try using the Discount Depot App, that allows you to offer free gifts based on the total quantity purchased or the total cart value. You can simply select automatically add the free gift to the cart option and as soon as the customer fulfils the requirement the free gift will be automatically added to the cart. 

Let me know if you find the app suitable as per your requirement.

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HI @LioGoldenberg,

You could try using the "Cartbot app" together with the "Bundler app". I think that both apps can be used on the free plan in order to achieve this. First you could discount the eBook by a 100% with the Bundler app. Set the 100% discount to apply on the eBook product, if a minimum purchase has been reached (You can set up the minimum purchase amount equal to your cheapest product). Lastly, you could configure a bot within the CartBot app, that would automatically add the eBook to the customer's cart, if a customer adds any other product from your store to the cart. You can even configure the bot to "Work in reverse", which means, that if a customer removes all products from their cart, which trigger the bot, the free eBook should also automatically get removed. I hope this helps 🙂

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