Re: Adding clickable link to image banner slideshow on Focal Theme

Adding clickable link to image banner slideshow on Focal Theme

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Hey guys does anyone know how to add a clickable link to the slideshow section for the entire image instead of just the button?

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can you pls share screen shot of site and explain issue which help of screen shot so community will help in better way you can share website link here thanks 


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Hey sharing over the website info

pw - wahdahhh

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Hello @Jerry41 


You may need to add some JavaScript and modify the HTML structure of your slideshow in order to make the entire image clickable rather than just a button.

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@Jerry41 thanks for posting here.
put a tag under the image, make the position relative to the image parent, then add:after of a tag set position absolute then make it cover the whole image.

to make it user friendly add link field in schema.

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