Adding hyperlinks to product description for draft items

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Hello! I am wondering how you add a hyperlink in the product description for a similar product that hasn't been set live yet? 


For example, we have similar style earrings and necklaces and I want to hyperlink the earrings on the necklace page however the collection hasn't gone live yet so there isn't a website address available yet. 


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If you link to a non-existent page, you will generate a 404 error when people click the link, which means the page doesn't exist. And if the page did exist, then the product would be published.


What you're trying to do doesn't make sense.

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Hi, I'm trying to do the same... I need to send our email guys links to draft products that aren't yet live... did you find a solution?


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I'm trying to do the same. I've created an email campaign in Constant Contact and need to link it to a Cyber Monday deal that is in draft for my Shopify store. If I make it live for a second and grab the link and then set it back to draft, will it still give a 404 error once the product is live and the campaign is launched with the link?