Adding Order Notes to Order Confirmation Email

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Hi There,

We'd like to have the order notes that a customer inputs on their order to show up in the confirmation email they receive. I know I need to use {{ note }} to grab it, but beyond that I'm not sure where I should place it or what the code should look like surrounding it when I add it to the order confirmation. Can anyone help? One shopify guru told us that we needed our theme developer's help to do this but I'm pretty sure this is standard cut and paste code into the order confirmation coding....? I just don't know what to cut and paste....

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I also cannot work out how to add the line breaks. Does anyone have a fix to this? So close, yet so far!

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Bumping this up since I'd like also to know the solve for this. 

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{{ note | newline_to_br}} 

instead of just 



it works for me and hopefully it works for you too!

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Sylvia, that worked perfect to format the notes box with line breaks.   Thank you so much!

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Thank you, the below code worked for me when added to Order Confirmation email.

It shows when notes are added with line breaks and does not show when no notes are added as expected.

{% if note != '' %}
<h3>Note: </h3> {{ note | newline_to_br}}
{% endif %}



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Hello, could you please tell me where exactly to paste that code? Thank you!