Adding product descriptions to invoice. Need duplicate items to only show information once.

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Sorry for the confusing title... Below is the code I wrote to add product descriptions relative to line items to invoices. The problem I can't seem to solve is that my products (beer) are divided into different units (can cases and kegs) and therefore if a can case and a keg of the same product occur on the invoice, the product description outputs twice.


Does anybody have any thoughts on how to make it so the description only outputs once?





{% for line_item in line_items %}

{% unless line_item.product.title contains 'Fee' %}
{% if line_item.product.title contains '(Can Case)' %}
<b>{{ line_item.product.title | remove: "(Can Case)"}}
{% elsif line_item.product.title contains '(1/6 Keg)' %}
<b>{{ line_item.product.title | remove: "(1/6 Keg)" }}
{% else %}
<b>{{ line_item.product.title | remove: "(1/2 Keg)" }}
{% endif %}

{{ line_item.product.description }}<br><br>
{% endunless %}



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