Adding shipping cost on Subtotal and not total + discount ?

Adding shipping cost on Subtotal and not total + discount ?

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Hi there. 
Is there any way to make shopify calculate the shipping rate BEFORE applying the discount and not after?

1) On our store we offer free shipping for over 49 

2) Customers add 49 worth of goods and proceed to checkout thinking they have free shipping

3) Apply discount % and total goes to 44

4) Shopify calculate shipping rate base on 44, and customer end up spending 51. 

They spend more with a discount code than without it, because shopify erranously calculate shipping cost on the net discounted and not on the price before discount

5) We lose 50-100 sales a month for this and we receive 10-15 mails a week of people complaining about it and frustrated about it

6) Shopify does absolutely nothing about it and keeps saying it cannot be changed, while litterally would take 10 minutes of coding to add an option allowing merchants to decide this.


Anything we can do ? I will surely move away from it if this does not get changed before EOY

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