Additional fields in orders screen?

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Is there any way to customize your orders screen which shows current orders to include additional fields that you've added to your cart page? I want to be able to sort the pending orders by a delivery date field, but I don't see any way to customize the page to include other fields.  

Also, when you click on "Create Order" on the orders page, the page it goes to doesn't include any of the additional fields we've added to our online store - we want to use that page to create telephone orders, but we need the additional fields. Is there a way to customize that page?

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Hello Melissa,

Ben here - From Shopify!

  Currently you cannot make changes to the functionality of the Shopify administration section. If you are providing delivery you might want to look at using the app Local Delivery. This app has a feature that can provide you with a delivery schedule letting you clearly see when your deliveries need to go out. That might solve the issue of sorting orders by delivery date.

As for the draft orders feature you are right there is no way currently to add additional fields. This is a good suggetion and I will make our develpers aware of it. As a work around once you create the order and it shows up in your order list. You can always create an order note with the required information that you would of collected. Although not a perfect solution it might provide you an easy method of still collecting the information for phone orders. 

Instruction on how to add a note to an order after it has been created can be found here:

I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions :)

Ben C - Shopify Guru

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What's the update on this? It is ridiculous that five years later Shopify admin still does not have the ability to sort orders by delivery date without an app. I'm not interested in paying for another app. What is Shopify doing today to solve this problem? Are current Shopify customers expected to wait another five or 10 or 25 years?

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Yes, I too would love an update on this. 

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Yes, I agree with you! Definitely, the DELIVERY DATE column, with sorting ability, would be a great help in sorting pending orders. It seems that app Local Delivery is a great tool in helping with delivery dates but unfortunately it's not free. For now, I use the TAGS column as a helping tool. I create a tag for each order by copy and paste the delivery date, so at least, I don't have to open each order all the time.

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i want to be able to add Customer PO# on the draft order. I cannot seem to find an option or code. Please help me create a meta field in which i can add customer Order #.