Additional or Custom Status options for Drafts and Pending Orders

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We would like to know if there is a way to add additional status types for Drafts and/or Pending/Final Orders. Many of our orders start as a Draft because we accept NetTerms payment (we create custom orders, and we use a NetTerms order app). But we also use Draft order for Quotes. 


Our business office reviews the Draft orders daily and moves them to Pending orders so an invoice email can be sent. 


Our first need is to have the ability to create custom statuses for Draft orders, specifically a "Quote" status. We need to be able to filter out Quotes, so they are not moved to Pending orders before the customer has accepted the quote. We just need to be able to separate quotes from draft orders that are ready to be invoiced.


Our second need is to have an "Invoice Sent" status for "Pending" Orders (just like the status that is already available for Draft orders). It is odd to have this status for Drafts, but not for the Pending Order. And no, we can't use the send invoice option for Draft orders, because Shopify uses different order numbers for the same order when it's moved from Draft to Pending. All orders need to be moved to Pending before the invoice is sent, but it is difficult to filter the Pending order list to identify the orders that have been invoiced.


This seems like it would be simple to implement. I would like to request this feature. @Luna @Shopify 


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