Additional Order Status to track in-house product manufacturing process steps

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Need some help!

We are adding a Shopify shop in addition to our shop on Etsy.  We build a lot of custom signs that go through a series of design and manufacturing steps.  Etsy has the ability to add custom workflow steps in the order process for us to keep track of where each order is in the build flow.  For example, the steps might be “Proof Sent”, “Final Edit”, “Cut/Paint/Cure 1”, “Cure 2”, “ Cure 3”.  We then move the order from step to step as it is built.  See pictures below.


Shopify has a fulfillment status screen that allow only a few “status” option to select from – basically unfulfilled, fulfilled, on-hold.  There is no option to add additional status options to the menu.  The additional status steps are internal to the store only – they do not get sent to a customer.

What options are there for adding the additional steps to shopify for us to manage and track our shop production process flow?  - Location to edit the fulfilment menu or Liquid code somewhere?


Thank you for any ideas!


etsy orders and shipping  2023-09-22 131806.pngetsy order process steps  2023-09-22 131806.png

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