Adjust pricing/discounts based on a visitor's IP location?

Adjust pricing/discounts based on a visitor's IP location?

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I'm a developer looking to build Ecommerce solutions. I saw that some stores are offering discounts to lower-income countries, but I have yet to see one that do so based on more precise locations (i.e. different states or cities in U.S.). 

I figured I could automatically fetch the IP location of an anonymous visitor, and trigger a small discount pop-up, only if the visitor is from i.e. Louisiana. Or just display a slightly higher price if the visitor is from NYC. 


Theoretically, this would improve sales volume from less well-off areas, and improve profit margins at more well-off areas. Would any merchants be interested in this app? 

If there's any other perspectives I'd love to know.



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Hi @chef_ludi 

You will need to set up the store's market and then set up the price of each market. Please check this article to learn more

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