Admin Page - Shopify Home Cards have disappered?

Admin Page - Shopify Home Cards have disappered?

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The entire area where shopify used to show us offers has disappered. I tried support chat with a CSR and it was not helpful...I do not think I got an accurate answer... I was told, after 10+ years on the platform, that Shopify "doesn't have any offers" for us...and that's why it's empty below the graph. 


I was directed to this page which refers to the area we are missing, but we haven't dismissed any cards. They're just gone! 


Has anyone got any idea where our Home Cards area has gone? Or what we can do to get them back? It was actually helpful, and we miss it. See screen grab, the area below the "to do" is what I'm referring to.


It used to show funding options, app recommendations, etc. Now...nada! I'd like the area to show again, any suggestions welcome.

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 10.44.30 AM.jpg

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Hi Sconnor,


did you find a solution for the problem?


Best regards