Afterpay Issues w/ New Theme and International payments

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Hey there!


We have recently transitioned to a new theme, being "Symmetry". The site/store is based in Australia.


When the old theme was live, customers were able to use Afterpay in the major regions it accepts (US, AUD, NZD, etc). But now on the new theme, Afterpay is ONLY appearing at checkout as an option when the currency is set to AUD. In the past, it would remain an option regardless of what currency was chosen. 


The prior theme we used was Brooklyn. I am wondering if it has something to do with Symmetry's built in currency converter interfering with Afterpay? I can remove it from the header by unchecking "Country/Region Selector", but when I do this it still appears on the mobile menu. 


With Brooklyn, there is no built in converter and we used a third party app. 


Does anyone have any insight as to how I can allow Afterpay payments to customers regardless of what region/currency they are on?? The store URL is


Thank you so much!!

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We have experienced the same issue. I am just wondering if you managed to fix the issue? Sorry that I cannot provide a response with a solution. Our international customers get told that they cannot use AfterPay in their currency.