All customers and items doubled in QB when Shopify was set up.

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Hi All,

I need some help please we have been trying to work with Shopify for weeks and are getting nowhere. We used to use a different register point of sale system. All sales and items were in our QuickBooks financial. We signed up to use Shopify POS and were walked through the steps to migrate our data into shopify. None of it was ever working properly and they kept telling us they had to do some things behind the scenes to make everything work properly. The biggest issue is that when the items went into Shopify they basically added numbers to each customer name and each item name and synced it back to QuickBooks creating duplicates. We were told first that that's just the way it had to be then we've been told that we need to delete all of the old items in quickbooks, which is insane because that would delete 15 years of sales and customer history, now we're told that we just have to deal with it. But no sales are transferring over properly inventory will not match up of course because the items are different than the items we have in QuickBooks and I have yet to receive a dime from the sales we've made through Shopify because they keep telling me that they have to call our bank even though the bank account is verified and it is the same account that I have used for over 15 years. Shopify just keeps telling me that I need to call Intuit. I just don't know what to do to get this fixed and no one has a solution and keeps just telling me to call someone else. Has anyone else dealt with this before or have any guidance on where I can go? This was supposed to be a super easy process and I'm not sure what they've done or how to fix it.

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Hey @sthomas24,


This seems like quite the mess. I'm sorry your setup wasn't easy as promised. I don't know if I can help, but I'll try and see if I can give you some guidance. Put your info in our contact form and I'd be happy to jump on a call a take a look.




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Rhanks Mike, I'll do that. Very much appreciated.