Allow customers to select multiple flavors and quantity.

Allow customers to select multiple flavors and quantity.

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Im looking to allow customers to view all of my products and add or subtract quantity to get to a certain amount and then add to cart. an example can be seen here at

This would be similar to meal plan selecting when you choose a quantity package bundle and then select how many of each meals they want. 

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Yes, this is a possible but time-consuming job.


Could you share your store URL? Also, let me know which theme you are using.

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I havent set up a store just yet, still working on building the site. Im coming from marketing360 platform from my site. 


but I was looking at the CRAVE theme to start from 

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It is possible to achieve such functionality in Shopify.


You can contact, once you start the development of your website on Shopify.

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where would I start with this. The basics of my page will be based on setting this up. The goal is to have very few pages to the site. 
1- Homepage - images and description of who we are as a company and direct to cart

2- items to add to cart 

a couple more pages for information. 

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@Problembaker ,


- So, the first step is to choose the Shopify plan and create your store first.

- once you create your store then add some products to your store.

- Once you are done with this, buy your domain and theme in which you want to start the development.

- installed the theme in the Shopify store and start designing for the home page first.

- once you are done with that create some pages you want to add to your website.

- check your website flow and responsiveness.

- please be sure, your website looks good on all devices such as laptops, desktops, mobile devices, etc.

- once everything looks fine make your store live.

- And at last, start marketing your products to gains used.


let me know if you need any help from my end.


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ive created a basic design for now and will update it as I go. I have my domain and website already with another company and plan on just replicating it to shopify once I can find a way to design the product page to work for me. Can you help with that? I want to be able to allow customers to go to my products page and select either a 4, 6 or 12 count of my cookie flavors. once they select the quantity of each flavor cookie they want adding up to either of the totals, they can add to cart and finalize. 

I was thinking of doing this in one of 2 way.
1) Creating 3 products: 4 cookies, 6 cookies, 12 cookies. And once the customer picks the quantity they want to buy, they can then select each flavor and quantity of their choosing. The quantity for each flavor should be $0, because the price will be according to the Main product of 4,6, or 12 cookies. 
2) Creating one product page showing all flavors of my cookies as the "products". Again each cookie wont have a price attached to it bc we dont sell them individually, They will be based on qty of 4,6, or 12 total cookies as set prices. The customer can then just keep adding qty of each flavor until they choose the right amount and then add to cart. 


an examples of other websites like this are here.

Its almost like a subscription service and choose certain items to desired amount for a price, except it wont be set up as subscription and only be one time purchase. I will set up subscription later. 


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@Problembaker , Hope you are doing well.


We understand that you are looking to allow your customers to view all of your products and dynamically adjust the quantities to reach a certain total amount before adding them to the cart.


To implement similar functionality on your Shopify store, can utilize a custom solution using JavaScript and the Shopify Cart API.

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Is there a way in Shopify to let customers create their own bundles?We have tried creating a Shopify extension with MergeOperation using this doc:
But there is a problem.
The bundle is only created when all child products connected to the parent product are added to the cart and the quantity of each product has to be 1.The process should look like this:
1. For example we have a list of 24 products displayed on a custom page.
2. The customer can decide which products and how much of them they want in the bundle.
3. If they checkout all selected products should be in one bundle.
4. Price of the bundle should be a total of products quantity * price.Shopify Bundle Setup:
1. All child products are added in component_reference in the parent product.
2. All child products have the same component_parents:

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Hi @Problembaker,

Take a look at the Easify Product Options app for managing your cookie options. This app enables customers to choose their favorite cookies and specify the quantity for each selected type. Additionally, you have the flexibility to set the total number of cookies or establish a maximum limit on the number of cookie types customers can select, tailoring the setup to fit your store's requirements 🤗


Below is an example:

  • Storefront:





  • App Settings:











If you need help with setup, just reach out to Easify team via in-app live chat 😊!

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