Amazon Fulfillment and Shopify Integration

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I have called 2 different shopify support representatives today and got the same answer that I just can't believe to be true.  I fulfill some of my products through my warehouse and an inventory & shipping software that has an integration set up with shopify and it flows perfectly when a customer orders.  I have some products that I currently do FBA with and I want to sell on my shopify site but simply have amazon fulfill them.  I followed all of the steps and configured everything correctly with shipping, etc.  I placed the test order and it didn't come across to Amazon.  I called and shopify told me that you have to click on continue, select the shipping method (that is already checked in checkout) and hit fulfill.  They said that there is no way around it but you would have to manually do that for every order placed.  There is no way that shopify can't create an integration if Amazon is requesting it to be marked as fulfilled then simply mark it as fulfilled if Amazon is the fulfillment company.  If I sell hundreds of these a day I would have to have a full time employee just click on every order and hit the exact same button every time.  There is no way that my fulfillment service for my warehouse has this integration but shopify and Amazon do not.

The potential money that shopify is losing because nobody would fulfill by Amazon through shopify if they were large enough - you would just send customers to amazon and then shopify loses the credit card transactions on hundreds of transactions per day?


Please tell me someone on here has this figured out and I wasn't the first one to identify it.


Thank you very much!

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Sounds like its not the right fit.



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Is this requirement is still open for discussion? if not we have a solution.




Regards, Nagendra.
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with shipstation automation, can shipstation pull the requested level of service from the shopify order for FBA? It looks like from the example provided that if you set a level of service in automation that would be applied to each order that would be automated to be FBA, what if one order for SKU 123ABC has standard shipping FBA and another has expedited?