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"Build a box"

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Hi, we are after building into our store the option for customers to be able to build their own box. The options we would like to give is say pick 6 products, 11 products or 12 products for a set price from a range of products (around a 100 products to pick from) which are not all available to be purchased from our store as single items. How would we go around this? 


An example of what we are looking for is taken from: 


Any help or guidance would be extremely grateful please

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It sounds like you want to provide your customers with the option to build their own custom product box by selecting a specific number of items from a list. To implement this feature in your online store, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Product Configuration:

    • Define the products or items that customers can choose to include in their custom box. Ensure that each item has its own product page and price.
  2. Customization Page:

    • Create a dedicated page on your website for building custom boxes. This page should include a form or interface that allows customers to make their selections. For example:
      • A list of available items.
      • A quantity selector for each item.
      • A total price display that updates as customers make selections.
  3. Item Limits:

    • Set a maximum limit for the number of items a customer can select for their custom box (e.g., pick 6 items).
  4. Validation:

    • Implement validation to ensure that customers can't exceed the maximum item limit and that they must select the required number of items.
  5. Add to Cart:

    • Add a "Add to Cart" button or similar functionality that allows customers to add their custom box to their shopping cart.
  6. Shopping Cart Integration:

    • Ensure that the custom box selection integrates seamlessly with your shopping cart and e-commerce platform.
  7. Pricing Calculation:

    • Calculate the total price of the custom box based on the selected items and their quantities.
  8. Payment and Checkout:

    • Allow customers to proceed to checkout and complete their purchase as they would with any other product.
  9. Inventory Management:

    • Implement inventory management to track the availability of individual items and update stock levels accordingly as customers make selections.
  10. Confirmation Email:

    • Send a confirmation email to the customer summarizing their custom box selections.
  11. Shipping and Fulfillment:

    • Set up shipping options and fulfillment processes for the custom boxes.
  12. Testing:

    • Thoroughly test the functionality to ensure that it works as expected and doesn't have any issues.
  13. User Experience:

    • Optimize the user interface and experience to make it easy for customers to build their custom box.
  14. Promotion:

    • Promote the new custom box feature on your website and through marketing channels to attract customers.
  15. Feedback and Iteration:

    • Gather feedback from customers and be open to making improvements based on their suggestions.

Depending on your e-commerce platform, you may need to use specific plugins, extensions, or custom development to implement this feature effectively. It's also a good idea to consult with a web developer or e-commerce specialist to ensure a smooth integration. Your data speed must be good in all these process for more info about data package visit

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Shopify Staff
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Hi @boxist2023 ,


Thank you for reaching out here. This is a great question and a  great idea if your business is offering customizable boxes. Also thanks for sharing the example -  that is very helpful in understanding what you're trying to achieve with your store.


I can see you got some advice in the thread below. While that sounds very good it will require a lot of code editing work and customization on your theme to make it look like your example store. If you're not comfortable editing code you can always hire Shopify Experts if you would like to go down that bespoke route. 


However, for ready to go solution there are a number of apps available on Shopify app store that you can look through. Here is a list of bundle/box builder apps. I always find that apps are really smart solutions to this kind of customization of your storefront as it allows you to change and upgrade teams anytime  while keeping the app functionality intact.


I really hope this helps and let me know what you think. Happy to answer any further questions that you may have.

Iris | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @boxist2023,

I recommend trying out the Easify Product Options app, which enables you to create a selection of 100 products from which customers can choose 6, 11, or 12 items. While it may not replicate the exact design of your reference website, it's a useful tool for creating your product box efficiently.

Here's one approach to setting up your box using the app:

  • Begin by creating your Box product without any predefined options.
  • Install the app and establish an option set:



  • Add an option for customers to select from your existing 100 products, using the Product List (or another suitable option type like Image Swatches) and the add-on product feature. You can set the maximum number of items customers can choose to be 6, 11, or 12 items.




  • Lastly, integrate the option into your initial Box product:



Additionally, since you want to exclusively sell sets and hide individual items, you may need further customization or an additional app specifically designed for hiding single items.


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