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Hi there. We use SEMRush to give us an idea of what's going on SEO-wise and on basically every product page has links out to other parts of the site, to highlight complimentary collections the user might be interested in. Nothing special there. However...

I am continually getting 'issues' to look at around "links that have no anchor text." I appreciate this topic has been done to death on here but I'm still not following exactly how this is managed properly in the Shopify platform. Example anchor text below that is either missing or naked - I've highlighted what I believe to be the adequate anchor text:

<div><meta charset="utf-8">Please be aware that these are real flowers and colours can vary slightly from the images displayed.&nbsp;<br><br><meta charset="utf-8">
<div data-mce-fragment="1">Our beautiful flowers won't arrive made up as seen -<span data-mce-fragment="1">&nbsp;</span><a data-mce-fragment="1" title="see how your flower bouquet box will arrive here" href="" data-mce-href="">see how your flower bouquet will arrive here</a>.<br data-mce-fragment="1"><br data-mce-fragment="1"><meta charset="utf-8">

Note that the vases (<a data-mce-fragment="1" href="" data-mce-href="">Raawii Strom White Large</a>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<a data-mce-fragment="1" href="" data-mce-href="">Raawii Strom&nbsp;Coral Blush Small</a>)

Appreciate any guidance the clever folks on here can give this confused newbie!

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