Android 14 & Google Pixel: Ordrer notifications missing

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I have a Google Pixel 6 Pro and I recently flushed the phone and installed Android 14.


Around 35% of all ordrer notifications never appear on my phone.


It seems totally random. I can get 8 in a row then 3 missing, then 2 good, 1 missing etc.


It's very annoying as I have to enable email notifications to be sure to be notified.


I contacted support to no use, so I hope to hear from someone with the same experience as me.


Please note this is not the common 'delayed notifications issue' that haunted easier Android versions. This time an order notifications either arrives promptly on my phone or it never does.


I have full internet access, battery is set to unrestricted and DND mode does not affect the situation (I tested a lot of options).

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