Any apps for sharing donations on social media at checkout?

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I am looking for an app where users can donate some amount at the checkout and share on their social profile that they have donated to this cause.


Is there any app?

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Hi there, @SeanAwethentic


Welcome to the Community! Definitely a great place to gather some input regarding anything about the platform!


With regards to donation apps, I have found some from the Shopify App Store that can help you in what you are looking for. Please refer to the following: 



All these apps come highly rated from the app store and will allow for you to offer donations to your customers during the checkout process. You also have the ability to customize these offerings to suit the look you are after. Definitely give these a look over to see how they may work for what you want. 


Moreover, if you find that an app is not fulfilling exactly what you are after, you also have the option to hire an expert to work with you in this. By creating your own job post, you can outline exactly what you want to one of these trusted freelancers that are part of the Shopify Expert Marketplace.


Definitely let me know how these work out for you. 

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Hey @Daniel ,


I know that there are a few donation/charity apps on Shopify, is there a reason that you mentioned those 3?

Let me know, or feel free to send ma a PM.





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Hi there, Westen! 


Thanks for your inquiry. 


Besides meeting the criteria on what was presented as well as the apps having high ratings, these are basically my reasons for choosing to suggest this. However, your message definitely reminded me of my error of also not informing that there are more apps in the Shopify App Store that will help the other merchant in this inquiry. 


In such tickets, we always try to provide 2 or more suggestions to avoid bias in these conversations. We are simply trying to showcase that the app stores have a variety of options for you to choose from.


I hope I was able to explain the rationale behind my response with eloquency. Definitely let me know if I am able to answer some more questions for you. 

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Hi SeanAwethentic,


Iequalchange makes it simple & powerful to accelerate your sustainability journey by giving back to people & planet. 

Check them out here: