Any idea why the translations are going crazy?

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Hi guys, we have tried to translate our website in English, French and Spanish and as a result:

- the menu is in French 

- the core is in English 

- and the products are in Spanish 

also, depending on the time we connect, this order changes. We also have very ugly flags on the bottom and we do not know how to remove them. 

Thank you! 

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Hello @nampatagonia ,

You can check your locale language files on your admin section.

can you provide store URL?



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Hi @nampatagonia,

That does seem very strange for sure. As @Dropshipmate mentioned, can you share a link to your store or a screenshot showing this? I know what you mean, but seeing it will help give me and everyone else full context. 

Can I also ask how you tried to translate your store? Was it via an app? Once we know more and can see the full extent of what's going on, it will help a lot with the troubleshooting. 

Alternatively you can contact one of the advisors on our support team directly by logging in here. By logging in and speaking to an advisor they can look directly into your admin to see what might be causing this. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.