Anyone else seeing delay with the loading of the "Pay" page ?

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Hello everyone,
We are facing a big issue with out website. To explain what is happening: since yesterday our pay button that is redirecting to the information and payment page is currently facing an issue that creates a 7 to 8 seconds delay where the page is not charging. Therefore the is a huge drop and direct effect on our conversions that is creating a huge problem to sell our products. We just checked and it is also happening on other websites that we think use the Prestige theme and also on their demo website that has the exact same problem. The page takes way too long to charge. Is anybody else please facing or have deal with the same problem in the past and could you please help us, as it's creating selling problems on our end.

I remain at your disposal for any further information that you might require.
Thank you in advance for any help.

Have a great day !

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Hi, @ChloM7.


Thanks for reaching out!


To gather a bit more context, could you advise if there have been any recent changes made to your theme code? You can check this by navigating to your Shopify admin, Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code section. On the left hand side under Layout, you may see a purple dot next to theme.liquid if any files have been modified. 


Could you also advise if there have been any apps recently installed? Oftentimes, apps can inject script within your theme code. To check your store for recently installed apps please navigate to your Shopify admin. Once in your Shopify admin you should see ACTIVITY on the right hand side, click view all recent activity. This section will show you what apps have been recently granted or revoked access.


Does the 7-8 second delay happen when you're viewing your store on a different device or browser? I recommend trying to replicate this issue within incognito mode, clearing your cookies and cache  and trying in a different browser


To determine if this is a theme related issue, could you try previewing your store in a fresh Shopify theme? This can help us identify if the issue carries out on a fresh theme without any code editing or changes made. You can follow the steps in our help center resource for adding, previewing and buying themes. Once the fresh theme is downloaded it will appear within your theme library.


A second option is to try rolling back your theme code to an older timestamp. If there have been any recent changes made to your theme, you can roll back your theme code to see when the issue carried out. We have a full list of steps witihn our resource on editing theme code.


I'd also love to hear more on how you started your business, how you're liking the platform so far and what types of products you sell?


Let us know if the above troubleshooting steps have helped narrow down the issue. Looking forward to hearing back!

Victoria | Shopify 
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Hi Victoria,


Thank you very much for your prompt answer. 


First of all our store is doing better today with a faster loading time but still it is not as fast as it should be. To reply to each of your solutions:


1) There were no change to our code. After no reply from Shopify we contacted our theme editor and he told us that i cannot be linked to the theme (we use Prestige). We also made no change at all the previous weeks/months. But thanks for helping with that.
2) No apps has recently been installed and we only have 10 of them that are all essentials. Also I cannot find the "Activity" part.

3) We tried everything (computer,  phone, different browsers, incognito mode, other people in the other side of the country, etc) nothing worked better in this case.

4) We tried the same on an old theme version, nothing changed.


So, thank you again for your help but it seems like we still cannot find a reason for now. We got pretty much the same answer from Shopify that did not really help however thank you for that. We are trying to see other options.


I remain at your disposal for any further information that you might require.
Best regards.

Have a great day !