Anyone elses' Shopify Payments on hold at the moment???

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Yesterday 9/7/20 our home screen had a new message saying the following:


"Your payouts from Shopify Payments are on hold while we review your account 

Contact Support for next steps on this standard review. This hold does not prevent your customers from checking out."


We emailed shopify support for an explanation and their initial response was very vague:


"Hi there!

My name is Diana, one of the Shopify Guru. Thanks for getting in touch!

We totally understand the importance of this matter for you as we know that any related concerns related to our hard-earned money specially when they are needed for the continuous operation of our business should be addressed properly and quickly. Don't worry! We'll have your back from this point onward!

Upon checking on your store we can confirm that your payouts are on hold.

Don't worry as the review process only takes about 72-96 business hours. After it’s been verified, the hold will be lifted automatically and you'll resume your regular scheduled payouts. Otherwise, our Shopify Payments team will reach out if there’s anything that they require further."


So we emailed them back requesting clarification and their response was:


"Hi there!

Diana here again from the Shopify support team.

We appreciate you for getting back with us. Your account is being under review because all our merchants (like you) who uses Shopify Payments are undergoing to this process. The reason why your payouts are on hold, because the Business Operations Team is working together with our banking partners in updating your account on their end for your payment gateway through us.

Once everything is settled completely, the hold will be lifted automatically and you'll be able to resume your your regular scheduled payouts. Otherwise, our Shopify Payments team will reach out if there’s anything that they require further.

Please if you have further questions and still need assistance, do not hesitate to reply on this email or you may reach us via phone and chat by visiting our live channels and we will definitely get to you quickly.

Please take care. Thank you and have a good one.

Kind Regards,"


If that's the case, surely thousands of other merchants' payouts must also be on hold right now, right?? If this is you, please comment below!

Much appreciated! 

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Mine has been on hold since Monday. ZERO response from the originating email person Other than a if you wish to use another gateway. Hello - I have an outstanding Capital I can't disable Shopify Payments. I'm beyond ticked over this. I've spoken to stripe and they stated there is no issues with my processing. 

Is there any upper level managers that are on these boards? I've been with Shopify for over 3 years now and not once have I had a gateway payment issue or any issue with my store or my products. 

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I’m going through same thing..wish they would just give me a time frame for how long they’re going to hold onto my funds 💔

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Hey do you know how it took for them to give you the funds, the same thing is happening to me right now, no time frame and no update - its been over a week 😕

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did you ever get the money back?