Anyone has been exploited by a customer?

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We recently  have a new customer who is extremely new with Shopify. On a side note we are a Landing page builder so our scope of work is around things like seting up landing pages and perhaps SEO service. 


This customer is however asked us to build and set up the whole Shopify Store. Also fix the problem with her theme, which we refused and guide her to contact Shopify support.


She gave us 1 star review for that and Shopify will not remove the review. I feel extremely sad and unfair for the team who trying every day to make this App worth the merchant while .


We did a couple of basics to help her out + build her a free page too But it does not seem enough since she's extremely new and need help with literally everything including uploading products.


I am asking your opinion on this and was there any instance you guys had help from Shopify for the matter?


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It's unfortunate that a new customer had unrealistic expectations and requested services beyond the scope of your Landing page builder expertise. You provided some assistance and even built a free page, but it wasn't enough to meet their extensive needs in setting up a Shopify store.

The customer left a 1-star review, which Shopify refused to remove. While there is no specific instance of Shopify intervening in such cases, it's worth reaching out to their support team for guidance or suggestions on handling customer reviews.

In situations like these, it's important to respond professionally to the review, acknowledging the customer's concerns and explaining your scope of work. Focus on the positive aspects of your services and continue to provide value to other merchants.

Feel free to ask to Prestige Park Ridge if you have any more questions or need further assistance!