Anyone looking to hire an experienced Automation specialist/Processes Engineer? 🙋‍♂️

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Hey there folks!
I'm Naveed. 


I have been running and have successfully FULLY automated and optimized my home-décor based online business. Having started it completely on my own from scratch, I have firsthand equipped myself in digital marketing and data analysis, team-based and personal project management, supply chain, content production and community management, amongst others.
Furthermore, being strongly aligned towards automation and optimizing processes, I have been HEAVILY using Integromat and other automation tools to automate all that I learnt, and making my business leaner and more efficient everyday. I have also consulted my peers and other members of the online business community in my network on various occasions regarding optimization and automation of their business processes.

Here are SOME of the applications I have used in my automation efforts and experiences:
1. E-commerce web platforms (Wordpress, Shopify, etc)
2. Social Media (Facebook custom audiences, conversions API, pages, Instagram for business, Buffer, hootsuite)
3. Data analysis storage, organization and extraction (Google Analytics, Sheets, Drive, Salesforce, Data studio, MySQL, BigQuery)
4. Project Management (Asana, Slack, Todoist, Trello, Airtable, Clickup etc)
5. Custom HTTP requests
6. All built-in Integromat Flow control modules and tools
7. Manychat
8. Quickbooks
I like to ALWAYS be on the lookout for new tasks and workflows to automate and optimize, saving time, money, data and headaches, allowing majority of the concerned personnel to really focus towards growing their business. It’s something that I absolutely love!


So, now, I’m looking to be a part of like-minded team on a full-time basis, creating automation scenarios for their most pressing inefficiencies, along with creating systems and processes that can easily be followed by all employees with minimum usage of time and money, plus minimum chances of any error.
Furthermore, having a 360 degrees experience in running an online business, I would absolutely love to assist and guide the team in department-specific decision making, such as managing and scaling campaigns, content choices and production, creating an efficient supply-chain, etc.
So yes, if’s there any team out there who’d be up for something like this, do hit me up and I would absolutely love to connect! Cheers!


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Hi Naveed! I can suggest you a place where you could get hired. I highly recommend you this online platform I believe there you will get a lot of experience from working with all those electronic devices and so on. You will have the chance of becoming a highly experienced specialist in automation. And when you are very good in something, you also get to make big sums of money. So in conclusion, I hope you will really become a great engineer in automation technology, and I wish you the best in succeeding in this field!!

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Hi there!

Would love to know!