App installation issues,please help me

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In actual comparison, it was found that our app was opened in the merchant backend, but in reality, the effect we wanted was to open it in a new browser window, similar to the application in the second image, without the form of the merchant backend.

In fact, the app effect we have always wanted is not an embedded version. Taking an approved app from the app store as an example, let's talk about the areas that require official assistance。

This is the rendering of our application opened after installation in the testing store:



This is the rendering of an approved app found in the Shopfiy app store after installation in the testing store:




So, in response to the above issue, we hope to provide a detailed tutorial document for modifying it; For example, the document prompts which part (screenshot, link) of Shopfiy's official document needs to be compared for adjustment; Or what modifications need to be made to our existing APP code architecture; Or provide detailed documentation to answer any issues such as errors in our development direction.

Can kind-hearted people passing by help me? Thank you very much.

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