app to schedule product sales individually in bulk

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Is there any app that can be used to schedule product sales?
I need the feature to bulk edit the product sale date and prices.
Some apps allow us to make discounts by a certain percentage or by some amount, but I need the feature to set the sale price individually for each product
If bulk product upload is not possible, I would greatly appreciate it if I could set sale prices for each sale item and I can set the start/end date of the sale. Of course, the sale price should be changed to the original price after the sale period. That's the minimum requirement that I need. 
Would you recommend an app that can do that? I've been searching for the app for a whole day, but couldn't find one yet. 

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For scheduling product sales and setting individual sale prices on Shopify, the app "Discounted Pricing" by Booster Apps is a strong option. It allows you to set sale prices for each product individually and schedule start and end dates for these sales. After the sale period, prices automatically revert to their original amounts. Another notable app is "Bulk Discount & Price Editor" by TenGrowth, which offers similar functionalities, including bulk editing of prices and scheduling sales. Both apps should meet your requirements for managing sales and discounts effectively on your Shopify store.

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Hi @yoonlaser 
If you are still looking for a solution to your above query, you can try the Discount Depot App.  
It helps you to pre-schedule product sales based on individual product and collections on a specifed date. You can set the sales price individually for each product but would need to activate the storefront api for the same. You can select the start date and the end date for sale accordingly and once the sales end product price will changed to the orginal price. 

You can give it a try and let me know if you find the app suitable as per your requirment.

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We have lots of merchants using our Ablestar Bulk Product Editor app to schedule sales on their stores. There's two ways you could schedule them:

  • Configuring the new price in the app
  • By uploading a spreadsheet with the new prices

In both situations you can schedule the price modifications to occur at some point in the future and for them to revert. 


If you're configuring the price changes in the app you have a lot of options with the price, cost and compare-at price fields along with a preview of your changes:

Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 1.52.43 PM.png


If you need more customized options for a sale you can also export a list of the current products and their prices to a CSV, input the new prices, and then upload that to the app to make a change. As with an in-app edit, you can schedule when the edit will run and when it will revert.


For more information you can checkout out our knowledge base article on running a sale in Shopify or just reply here and I'll help out.




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