Apple pay payment won't complete

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I am having an issue with apple pay. I have enabled apple pay under the payment section->ACCELERATED CHECKOUTS, but whenever anyone pays through it. it shows error that->apple pay not completed. this website was not able to complete the payment. please try again. Any help, please??.

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This issue is happening for my website as well!

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Experiencing this too. Using Shopify Payments, when enabled Apple Payments. Apply pay face-id succeeds then says "Try Again" with a red warning error"

Anyone solved this?

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Facing the same issue on my website as well. Apple pay in accelerated checkout shows error! 

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Was struggling with this for a couple of our DTC marketing agency clients. That happens when you add a custom domain BEFORE you apply and are approved for Shopify Payments. If that's the case the solution is rather simple: delete the domain and add it back again. It will take 2 minutes, the website will experience 1-minute downtime. And Apple Pay works again. - marketing agency for DTC e-commerce brands