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Is there a way I can apply a fixed discount (or percentage) together with free shipping? Or any workaround?



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Hello to all.
For 'Shopify plus' stores you can use the free 'script editor' app and this setup guide (Change in shipping cost depending on discount code):

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Thanks for this update! 

Just to be clear does that meant that the only way to do this is to spend 2000USD per month and then manually edit script. 

Can someone from the team reach out. 

This price point is a giant barrier to entry for a simple ficntion/ 


I would like to 

Free shipping over $60 spend. 

Plus allow customers to use a discount code. 

This seems simple? 

What am I missing? 



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I slightly changed the code from the guide, for the sake of simplicity. Checked, works.
We are planning to launch the action in the near future.
But yes, alas, this is only for shops of the "Shopify Plus" plan, unfortunately I cannot suggest another variant at the moment.
I'll just leave it here, hopefully someone will come in handy.


    codes: ['SOMECODE', 'OTHERCODE'],
    d_type: :percent, # :percent/:money
    d_value: 100,
    d_message: 'Free shipping'

CONDITIONS_FOR_DISCOUNT.each do |condition|
  next unless Input.cart.discount_code && condition[:codes].include?(Input.cart.discount_code.code.upcase.strip)
  Input.shipping_rates.each do |shipping_rate|
    discount_amount = if condition[:d_type] == :percent
      condition[:d_value] * 0.01 * shipping_rate.price
    else 100) * condition[:d_value]
    shipping_rate.apply_discount(discount_amount, message: condition[:d_message])

Output.shipping_rates = Input.shipping_rates


 ** script type 'Shipping'

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So is there a way to combine percentage discount and free shipping?

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Please add us to the list as well.  We desperately need this feature and do not believe we should have to pay extra for this feature.  Thanks. 

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Hello, is there an update on this feature? I would like to know. Thank you!

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Can I add my vote to include this too. Not with code but with a simple "include shipping as part of discount" option. Surely can't be that difficult?

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Hi -

Could someone please add the same functionality to my store so I can provide a discount and free shipping?  This would be greatly appreciated!



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+1 from us too.

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Does anyone bother reading the thread? Bombard their Facebook page. Waste of time adding your name to some imaginary update poll here.

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Please add a vote for the ability to combine free shipping with a discount amount from us as well!

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Waste of time. Read above post. 

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they will never do it since it is much more profitable to get money from 3d party apps )))) your votes are useless)))

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Please add my vote as well. It is very frustrating I cannot offer free shipping and % off, or stacked coupons. Overall I really like Shopify, however this is a big downside to online selling through Shopfiy.

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yes, please offer a discount code + free shipping, this is a need! add my vote!

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yes please add the ability to stack discount types onto ONE coupon code.  this seems so intuitive i don't know why it wasn't created from the beginning!?

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We ended up biting the bullet and used a paid app.  Discount Ninja.  I liked this app so much I made video about it here:  

It is silly that Shopify does not offer this simple ability on their basic platform 😞  - Anyway, we are not affiliated with them, I just tested out several apps and this one stood out.  It starts at $29/mo but pays for itself.  - good luck

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we need this desperately as well. This will allow us discounted $ + free shipping (for local pickup) and simplify our account. Seems pretty straight forward needs for business owners. 😉

Count me vote in pls

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I have the same problem too, and would like to add my vote. I have automation emailed discounts of 10% for abandoned checkouts, but i will then get emails from some customers saying that they then no longer qualify for free shipping, rendering the 10% useless. So then i have to spend time making a special code just for them, figuring out what the discount would've been based on their cart and getting to the closest %age.