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Good morning everyone, 


I am in the process of creating my online shoe website and I would like my shoes to be viewed in augmented reality mode. If I do this, and for example I have 500 shoes on my store thus I would have 500 ar pictures. Would that amount of ar products make my website slow?

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That would be a pretty cool website.


You could set it so that the entire page loads without loading the AR component first.

After the page renders, then the AR option loads (just a possible workaround).

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Interesting idea, I will definitely keep it in mind! thank you very much 

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Hi Zilikahn, If you're looking for airmodels for your store, Spase will get the job done -

We're also a Shopify Expert.

- Sahil

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Hi zilikahn,

If you'd  like order AR Content for your Shopify store I'd suggest you head out to Aequilibrium:

We have over 100+ creators on our creators' side including AR  Companies and individuals for every budget. Just fill out your profile and we'll send recommendations and matching profiles with the creators that make sense for your business. 

Let me know if you have questions.