Are messages from 'experts' offering store improvement trustworthy?

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After I posted something in the Community, many (mostly Nigerian) „Shopify Experts“ texted me via WhatsApp and wanted to offer me store improvement. They all use a very similar writing style and like to use the word „kindly“.


However, they do seem to know what they are talking about (SEO, Klavyio…)


Has someone experience? Are those people trustworthy?

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Hi @JCinteraction,


Please do your due diligence. Shopify experts are third party provider. You can check more information here

If this fixed your issue Likes and Accept as Solution is highly appreciated. Coffee tips fuels my dedication.
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What I normally do is just block conversation.

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I got contacted just yesterday by 3 Nigerian numbers via Whatsapp and they are asking me how it is going with my store and that they can provide help.. and when I ask them which store exactly because I have many stores (just lying to them), they get so lost they stop chatting with me hahaha definitely a scam

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I worked with a few of them. Had terrible experiences. One in particular was rude and asked me for my social media login details so that he could "manage" it. He wanted to sell me an email list and some email templates to spam people. When I turned it down he got offended? Anyways I wont work with anyone who contacts me first saying " i found some issues with your store...etc". Id suggest you find and interrogate your own freelancers before working with anyone.

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They are just Scammers. Stay away from them. They collects lead from bootleads website. Which updates new shopify website data and sell to them on monthly subscription. They not even visit our website before messaging us. They will get our phone number and Email. If we don't have Whatsapp on our number, they will mail. 99% of people from Nigeria. I got 2-3 messages from UK.