Are we able to embed a GPT-powered chatbot on our website for customer support?

Are we able to embed a GPT-powered chatbot on our website for customer support?

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I was wondering whether it's feasible to do? Embed a AI virtual agent on my website, it helps answer my customer's question anytime. And reviewing what customer has been asked, maybe helps improve website? 


Does anyone come up similar thoughts? Or has been utilize certain tool? 


Thank you!

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Hey Stella, 


There are definitely some out there - but I was curious why you are hoping to jump straight to AI. Depending on the size of your store, it may be a lot more insightful for you to actually talk directly to your customers.

Building relationships with your earliest customers not only helps by letting you go deeper with them (can ask more questions to find out how they found you, why they like you, what they want to see more from you), but also develops brand loyalty and helps retention. was created to help businesses keep their customers longer by getting to know them better, via actually talking to your customers. If you're struggling to find time to talk to your customers, I can understand looking to AI for help, but I strongly suggest making time to still talk to your best/VIP customers directly. 

Feel free to DM me if you have any questions, or if you're still looking just for an AI tool - I've heard of a couple that fits what you're looking for.

Read my blog, connect on linkedin, or get in touch with me 

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Hi @StellaGo ,


We've just launched our beta program for our Shopify app Conversagent which does EXACTLY what it sounds like you are looking for! With just a few clicks Conversagent learns about your store and its products and then can be placed on your store to answer your customer enquiries and help convert more sales. It's GPT-powered AI and can be either embedded into the store page such as on product pages or used as the traditional floating pop-up like widget. In terms of improving your site, it doesn't offer suggestions just yet but is something we might look to add as a feature in the future. In the mean time you can review your customer conversation history and identify gaps from there. 


Check out how Conversagent works on our demo site HERE and if you are interested in joining our beta program we are offering FREE access for the rest of 2023 for those who sign up by the end of July. Simply register your details at the following link.


More than happy to chat through this further & look forward to hearing from you!



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Just noticed our demo store link times out & asks for a password, sorry about that. Try this one here. If it times out again, you can get access by using the password: demo

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Hi @StellaGo,


Your idea of embedding a GPT-powered AI chatbot is timely, and it's something I've been exploring as well. I've had success with, which helped my store well using following features.


  1. Data-Driven Responses: After training on your specific data, it can provide users with tailored responses. It can even direct users to specific products with direct links within the chat, streamlining the customer journey.
  2. Visual Engagement: Unlike many chatbots, it can display visual images and charts. This visual appeal not only answers queries but engages users in a more interactive manner.
  3. Lead Capturing: Beyond just answering questions, it can capture user emails and other potential leads. This functionality can be a boon if you're looking to grow your email list or gather more customer data.


The integration, though external to the Shopify app store, is seamless:

  1. Log in to your Shopify back-end.
  2. Navigate to "Online Store" and select "Themes."
  3. Edit the theme code.
  4. In the theme.liquid file, embed the JavaScript code.


I believe the product offers a more holistic approach to customer interaction. It's not just about answering queries; it's about enhancing the overall user experience, driving sales, and capturing leads. If you're keen on a chatbot that offers more than the standard, Gista might be the option. Hope this is helpful to you!




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Hi @StellaGo


I am Philip from OmniChat - ChatGPT AI Chatbot shopify app. Nice to e-meet you😁!


Currently, our team is developing a AI chatbot - OmniChat (powered by ChatGPT) and our ChatBot intelligently interacts with customers, recommending products tailored to their preferences and can keep learning/improving case by case. 


Let me invite you to join our FREE ALPHA ROUND TRIAL to boost efficiency of your store and co-improve OmniChat.Join us to redefine online shopping for your audience. All with one click you are SET UP😀


Also, we are welcome for any comments & suggestion @ both our app page and





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Hi Stella yes you can. I recently downloaded Artu. They are very new and I got a free 200 replies because they are doing testing just before launching next week. Here is the link if you are also interested: They use the best AI technology GPT 4 and are the cheapest in the market right now. Hope this helps! 

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With Glassix's AI-powered unified messaging platform, embedding GPT-powered chatbots on your website for top-notch customer support is not just possible, it's seamless. Enhance your customer experience with AI-driven chatbots that keep conversations connected across digital channels effortlessly. Explore the future of customer support with Glassix today!

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YES Export your GPT assistant to your website with MOBJAI - Mission Objective
  1. Choose the GPT assistant
  2. Copy the generated script into your index.html file.

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- If you cannot embed your GPT-powered ChatBot under 10 min, email 🙂