Around 100 daily store sessions but low sales conversions

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I have been running FB ads for almost 2 weeks now. I did some initial audience testing and have settled on 2 audiences that gave me the best results. Currently, I am getting around 100 online store sessions a day. My average weekly sales is around 5. Since I am doing everything myself, I want to properly prioritize what I spend my time improving. I have added discount bundle offers, and decent images for products so far. I just need help with what exactly should my next steps be to improve the conversion rate.


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Hey there!

  Here are a couple of targeted tips to elevate that conversion rate:

  1. Ads that Click: Make sure your ads are not just attracting clicks but are optimized for conversions. Quality visitors with intent-to-buy makes a big difference.

  2. Checkout Checkup: Quickly check out your checkout process to ensure there are no issues.

For an easy and automated boost, check out Crowly, my recently launched free Shopify app. It streamlines conversion rate optimization for your product descriptions and pricing (with more features to come). Here's the link: Crowly App.

Need a hand or have questions? Feel free to shoot me an email. I'm also eager to hear any feedback you might have!

All the best and good luck with your store,

-Ethan 🚀

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