As a store owner why don't you use confirmation for newsletter enrolment?

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So, here's the thing.  My email has been maliciously signed up to hundreds and hundreds of Shopify stores without my consent.  Shopify won't do anything to help, I have to "unsubscribe" or "deal with individual stores" which is clearly (a) tedious and seemingly never-ending; or (b) impossible because I don't know the stores and there's way too many of them.

If it has happened to me, then it's almost certainly happened to plenty of others.  What this means is that there must hundreds, thousands of Shopify stores with polluted mailing lists.  Perhaps as a store owner you don't care about that particular aspect, I don't know?

This is clearly an abuse of my email.  Some may say, "meh, it's just the world we live in".  For myself, I'd prefer to not receive this level of (to me) spam.  This abuse would be easy to combat by turning on the feature that requires someone signing up to a newsletter to confirm it.  At the risk of coming across as belligerent, I'd go so far as to say by not using that feature, as a store owner you are facilitating the abuse.

In my case, I would have received lots of confirmations but at least I could have just deleted them and that would be it.  The benefit to the store owner would be a mailing list that only contains addresses from people who are/were genuinely interested in your product.


As a store owner, why don't you turn on the confirmation requirement?

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Hi @AndrewDJ !


You might also want to reach out to your email provider so they can check and see if there is any option to unsubscribe to unnecessary emails on their end. You can also leave a review or reach out to the stores that is spamming email marketings and request for your email address removal on their account. 

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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Each store has their own domain otherwise I’d just block anything Shopify.*.  I can’t possibly reach out to stores as there are thousands of them, all I can do is unsubscribe, hope that sticks (some stores don’t seem great at honouring that request) and hope I don’t get signed up again.  Shopify themselves won’t do anything at all - “not our problem” - and although it’s a bit late for me, it really needs stores to turn on the extra confirmation step.  I don’t get why they don’t do that because their mailing list just gets polluted.  I can’t claim they’re spamming me per se as they weren’t responsible for the signup, but they are definitely facilitating the abuse.  As are Shopify who refuse to help and don’t mandate the confirmation.